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Fasten your seat belts, its going to be a bumpy ride.

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Talking about my Debut film as a director, Tinderella Gone Wild, nothing was easy. From crew fallouts, to losing onto the lead character, to actress throwing her tantrums on the team, it was a rough ride, so rough that I couldn't imagine seeing a sun after a long night of struggle.

Going one by one on this, first of all the auditions took up a very long time since I wanted my film crew as well as my actors to be from different cultures and 50% being the female crew. Well, I achieved the first target pretty easily as I had a wonderful team and knowledge flew in from everywhere.

Now talking about the drama that happened during the film, the controversial politician after tasting failure on her set just wanted to destroy the films of everyone else with her manipulation and that is why she called out the Assistant Director of my film as a sexist man who, in her eyes, seemed like a harm to other women working on my set which led to all the other women leaving my set because of a very baseless argument made only to create more tension and obstacles for me.

But as they say, God favours the one who believes in hard work. I completed my film with half the crew, where the first day shoot should have taken 8 hours, it took us almost fourteen hours but the film turned out to be a great success and was highly liked by everyone.

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