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How I entered the world of films?

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Not all races are made to win, not all the dreams are to be killed. Some desires are to let loose so that when they turn big, you fight hard and make them happen. I think my story is how I rebelled with my parents to convince them that not everyone from my glam world turns into a shitty, heartless person. That is why, only some films give you goosebumps, only some films make you cry and make you feel like running away from this shallow world full of materialistic pleasures and how sometimes it is very important to make a dream come true in order to save a life.

And that was my life! I saved it by fighting with everyone just to tell them that I had more in me and that I could bring a change in this world by creating the content that would make people think.

So, here I am living the life that I had always dreamt of and I am glad that I can share it with you all now!

Welcome to my world where dreams are made to come true.

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