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This short film is very near to my heart because it has been drawn out of my personal experiences and a lot of research is done on the subject of online dating. Four years back I wrote a research paper in university about "Online dating and men” and that was the time when I discovered how interested I was in this subject.

A human's psyche intrigues me a lot. And then a platform like tinder has so much to offer in terms of new experiences, different kinds of people, their take on life and the most important and interesting characteristic of this platform is its unpredictability.

Every time I used to go on a date, I used to meet a new person totally opposite from the last person and how his approach of living in this world was completely opposite from the last person I met. That new person used to open a small window of his world to me through his stories and it was my urge to know people and connect with them on a deeper level that I stuck to this platform no matter how harsh it was on me at certain times.

I have always been interested in the functionality of interpersonal relationships and how do they form and under what circumstances at the first place.

So this movie is near to my heart because I have tried to show as to what happens when you go on a date through this platform and how events take place and how you go through a roller coaster ride of emotions in a very short span of time during a date .


The element that makes a film successful is its cast. Any role is written keeping in mind certain attributes, certain characteristics and finding an actor which can do justice to that role is very important for the director. For Tinderella gone wild, the casting was quite an interesting experience since it is very important for the actors to understand the vision of the director, see the world from the director's point of view and then giving the director what he/ she wants out of the actor. I had to struggle a lot during the casting process but then a platform called Mandy was a great help for me. I found both my lead actors from Mandy.


The role of Sasha was played by Andrea Ochoa Pineda. She is a passionate and committed actor working and living in Toronto. She has also worked on other student films, including Nikolay Nikitushkin's " JIMMY" and independent films like Vamsi Kurli's " Tom's Bullies". 

Matt's role was played by Kosa Akaraiwe who is a super versatile actor. He has also been part of a lot of student short films and multiple Tv commercials and BMW, Toronto Raptors are just to name a few.



A film's crew's role is supercritical. They can either make it or break it.  I was fortunate enough to have found an amazing team who put their heart and soul into the making of this film. 


Aakash Singhal is a very talented cinematographer. He has worked on several student films, travel documentaries, weddings, and TV commercials. 

Keegan Hughes is a graduate from Carleton University, also a host at a very famous show on Riot Radio. 

Alex Schead is a very passionate writer-director himself. Coming from the tropical lands of Brazil, he always wanted to write amazing films and seeing them being filmed. 

Yubin Zheng, the sound technician for this film has done a lot of films and some music videos in South Korea and has come to study in Canada and make his presence felt in the Toronto Film industry.

Russel Zenarosa, the lighting technician for this film is a huge Anime fan, loves to create video essays and is a graduate from Durham College in the field of Animation. 


Michael Murray, the editor and the sound effects artist for this film has a gift from God that he can make any film look super amazing. He is a man of multiple talents, some of them being cinematography, sound recording, editing, color grading and many more,





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